Rescue 43 Extricates 1 from Tractor Trailer off the I-476 Overpass onto Chemical Road
By Watch Desk
December 23, 2022

Yesterday evening as rain continued to soak the area the volunteers of the Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) were dispatched at 21:54 hours to mile marker 18.8 N/B on I-476 for a reported vehicle rescue.

Multiple 911 callers reported either a bus or truck went over the side wall of the over pass and off the highway.

Rescue 43 with a crew of 4 along with Battalion Chief 43 made the response quickly after dispatch and found a tractor trailer had come off the overpass landing onto Chemical Road and confirmed the driver to be heavily entrapped. Battalion 43 established Chemical Road command and requested additional resources from the Harmonville Fire Company No.1 and Conshohocken Fire Company No. 2 to assist.

Crews from all 3 companies went in service with hydraulic rescue tools removing the driver's door, and portions of the dash and "A" pillar to gain access to the patient. Command then marked the extrication complete just after the 30 minute mark. The patient was then turned over to the care of medics from Plymouth Community Ambulance Association - Medic 308.

Station 43 remained on scene for several hours assisting with a large fuel spill as well as for the removal of the tractor trailer. All units were clear of the scene by 01:00 hours.

Mutual Aid: SQUAD 44, ENGINE 55