Station 43 and Montco USAR Operate at the Technical Rescue Sunday Afternoon
By Watch Desk
May 1, 2022

On 5/1 at approximately 15:44 hours, the volunteers of the Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) were dispatched to 1155 Conshohocken Road to the Covanta Trash to Steam Facility for a technical rescue. Original 911 reports indicated 2 contractors were stuck in the basket of a telescopic boom lift approximately 85 feet in the air and stranded over the trash pit.

Chief 43 arrived to the facility within 4 minutes of the dispatch and confirmed 2 contractors who were uninjured and not in distress trapped on the boom lift that was inoperable due to a mechanical failure. The "Covanta Command" was established and Station 43 was requested to lead off with Ladder 43.

Ladder and Rescue 43 then arrived and began assessing the area for the best access to the patients. After several set up attempts with the ladder it was deemed further assistance and resources would be required and command requested Harmonville Fire Company No.1's Tower and Rescue 44 and the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety's USAR team respond.

Rescue personnel working hand-in-hand with Montco USAR specialists would go on to perform a lock out tag out of the facilities crane system to perform a topside lower and belay. Rescuers then rappelled down from the bridge level to the stranded patients attaching them into their belay and then lowering them to safety into the bucket of Tower 44.

This methodical and tedious rescue operation was marked complete by command by 19:23 hours. The contractors were evaluated by Plymouth Community Ambulance Association - Medic 308 personnel with no injuries reported.

Station 43 can not thank our partners from Harmonville Fire Co. and Montco USAR enough for their assistance. A job well done by all involved! Station 43 was clear just after 20:00 hours.