Rescue and Engine 43 Assist Station 44 in Extricating 1 Trapped on Germantown Pike
By Watch Desk
September 15, 2021

At 09:53 hours, your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers and career staff were dispatched with the Harmonville Fire Company No.1 to the intersection of W. Germantown Pike at Launfall Road in the township for the reported vehicle rescue.

Plymouth Township Fire Marshal's Office FM 44-5 Thomas came upon the crash reporting a 2 vehicle roll over collision with 1 operator trapped inside a hatchback.

Chief, Rescue and Engine 43 all made the response moments after the dispatch. HFC's Battalion Chief 44-1 Sturm arrived on location and confirmed a "door to go" and established the Germantown Pike command.

Squad 44 was first arriving and immediately placed their Hurst E-draulic rescue tools in service to begin the extrication. Rescue 44 along with Rescue 43 and Engine 43 arrived shortly after with their crews assisting in stabilizing the vehicle and the extrication efforts.

Crews performed a complete driver's side wall removal to free the trapped occupant. Command marked the rescue complete at the 15 minute mark and the patient was transferred into the care of Plymouth Community Ambulance Association - Medic 308 personnel.

The crash scene investigation was turned over to the Plymouth Township Police Department and all fire department crews were clear and available by 10:20 hours.