Rescue 43 Operates with a Vehicle Down an Embankment on Conshohocken Road
By Watch Desk
August 30, 2021

At 00:01 hours the Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) was dispatched to the 700 block of Conshohocken Road for the reported vehicle rescue. Reports given from the crew of Plymouth Community Ambulance Association - Medic 308 indicated a sedan had left the roadway and was now down several feet in an embankment with the operator still inside the vehicle.

Rescue and Chief 43 made the response shortly after dispatch. Chief 43 arrived to find the sedan down the embankment resting on its front end with the back end of the vehicle unstable and caught on cement still in the air. Contact was made with the operator who was not entangled in the vehicle but was unable to safely exit the vehicle due to the sever risk of it shifting and continuing to fall down into the embankment.

Chief 43 established the Conshohocken Road Command and requested resources from Harmonville Fire Company No.1 to respond to assist.

Rescue 43's crew utilized chains and the winch to secure the vehicle with a tie back. Rescue presonnel then utilized ground ladders to get down into the embankment where they assisted the patient out of the vehicle and back up onto the roadway. The patient was then turned over to awaiting EMS from station 308.

Station 43s crew would remain on scene assisting the tow company in their removal of the vehicle and were clear from the scene just after 01:00 hours.

Many thanks to our mutual aid for their quick response and assistance as well as to Spring Mill Fire Company No.1's fire police unit for remaining on scene for traffic control!