Station 43 and Mutual Aid Extricate 1 Trapped in the Overturned Tractor Trailer Saturday Morning
By Watch Desk
August 28, 2021

As rain swept through the region soaking the roadways, your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers got another early start to their Saturday morning. Where you ask? But of course, back up on the Blue Route!

At 05:12 hours, station 43 was dispatched to mile marker 19.0 Southbound on Route I-476 for the reported vehicle rescue. 911 callers reported a tractor trailer over the guardrail and down into the wooded area with the operator unanable get out.

Squirt and Battalion 43 made the quick response as they were already out on the road for multiple wires down calls in the township. Battalion 43 upon getting further updates from the county immediately requested the Harmonville Fire Company No.1 to respond and assist.

Chief 44 arrived and confirmed the tractor portion of the vehicle to be pinned against the guardrail and the operator trapped. Squirt 43, Squad 44, Rescue 43 and Rescue 44 arrived shortly after and began to stabilize the tractor trailer in preparation for the extrication.

Command would request an engine from the Conshohocken Fire Company No. 2 to assist with manpower shortly after. All hands were placed in service and crews placed the hydraulic rescue tools in service to remove the driver's seat, perform a full dash and steering wheel push as well as flapping the back of the tractors cab to free the operator.

Command marked the extrication complete by the 1 hour mark and the patient was transferred to the care of the Plymouth Community Ambulance Association - Medic 308.

As crews were operating on this incident, a second tractor trailer crash occurred at mile marker 19.0 Nortbbound. Mutual aid from George Clay Fire Company - Station 39 was requested to assist at that scene until initial crews could clear from the rescue.

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety's Hazmat Team was requested to respond and arrived to assist in unloading material deemed flammable from the trailers of the vehicles and ensure further environmental safety. Crews would remain on scene for several hours providing suppression protection and lane blocking. The crashes are being investigated by the PA State Police.

Many thanks to our mutual aid partners and tremendous teamwork by all on scene today!