Ladder 43 First Due Truck Company for the Dwelling Fire in Whitemarsh Township
By Watch Desk
July 20, 2021

Your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers got an early start to their Tuesday morning. At 00:24 hours, Ladder 43 was dispatched to the 3000 block of Spring Mill Road in neighboring Whitemarsh Township for a possible dwelling fire. Original reports from the caller indicated a burning odor in the residence and smoke visible from the laundry room.

Soon after dispatch, officers from the Whitemarsh Township Police Department arrived on location and reported fire showing from the garage area of the residence that was beginning to spread to the 2nd floor. Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company's Chief 29 was the first arriving fire officer and reported a 2 story 75 x 75 single family dwelling with heavy fire showing from the attached garage on the alpha/Bravo sector.

Ladder and Captain 43 with a crew of 5 along with Harmonville Fire Company No.1's Engine 44 arrived on location within 7 minutes from dispatch followed by Spring Mill Fire Company No.1's Squad 45. As the engine companies secured 2 separate water supplies, Ladder 43 assumed first due truck company responsibilities and backed into the driveway of the fire building.

The ladder's crew then began throwing multiple ground ladders to the residence while the operator placed the aerial to the roof. The crew then split with members assisting with extinguishment while the inside team made their way to the 2nd floor to begin opening up for the hose team.

The fire was brought under control just after the 1 hour mark. Fire was contained to the attached garage with extension into the 2nd floor and roof line of the home. All occupants of the residence safely evacuated prior to the arrival of the fire departments and there were no injuries reported to first responders.

Mutual aid companies assisting on scene were Conshohocken Fire Company No. 2's Engine 55, Flourtown Fire Company's Squad and Ladder 6, Fort Washington Fire Company No. 1's Engine 88, and Barren Hill Fire Company 's Engine and Tower 29.

Ladder 43 was clear from the scene and available just prior to 03:00 hours. A job well done by all companies on scene!