Ladder 43 Responds as the RIT Team to Upper Merion Township
By Watch Desk
June 19, 2021

At 17:46 hours after just returning to the station from a building fire response in the township, your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers were dispatched with Ladder 43 for a cover up assignment to Station 56-A in Upper Merion Township.

Upper Merion Township Fire & EMS units were on the scene and operating on the 200 block of Jasper Road in their local for a working dwelling fire. First in crews reported heavy smoke and fire showing from the Charlie side of a 2 story single family dwelling.

Ladder and Chief 43 with a crew of 5 quickly made the response to Station 56-A. While en route, the ladder was diverted into the scene and ordered to operate as the Rapid Intervention Team.

Ladder 43 arrived and stood fast as the RIT team on the Alpha/Bravo sector of the fire building. Upper Merion and assisting mutal aid companies would find fire extension on both floors of the residence and quickly worked to bring the fire under control.

Jasper Road command placed the fire under control just after the 40 minute mark and Ladder 43 was released from the scene and available just after 18:30 hours. There were no reported injuries to first responders or civilians. A job well done by all first in crews!