Engine 43 Stays Busy With A Vehicle Fire in the Target Parking Lot
By Watch Desk
April 18, 2021

At 20:01 hours your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers were dispatched to the parking lot of the Target store in the Plymouth Metroplex for the report of a vehicle on fire. The Montgomery County 911 center advised receiving multiple callers reporting a vehicle starting to catch fire and passerbys attempting to extinguish it.

Engine 43 with a crew of 3 and Chief 43 went responding minutes after dispatch. Chief 43 arrived on scene to find a 4 door sedan with the engine compartment well involved with an exposure to an SUV parked next to it.

Engine 43 arrived shortly after and immediately went in service with their front bumper 1 3/4" hoseline. Squirt 43 with a crew of 3 then arrived and both crews worked together to quickly open the vehicle up and extinguish all visible fire. Traffic 43 also made the response and assisted with traffic control.

The fire was placed under control within 15 minutes and crews remained on scene assisting with wetting down the engine compartment and assisting the owners in retrieving their belongings from the passenger and trunk compartments.

Station 43 packed up and were clear just after 20:30 hours. There were no reported injuries to civilians or first responders. The Plymouth Township Fire Marshall's Office was on scene to handle the investigation.