Rescue 43 Responds To The Reported Accident with Entrapment on Ridge Pike
By Watch Desk
March 11, 2021

On 3/11/21 at approximately 15:48 hours, your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers along with the Harmonville Fire Company No.1 were dispatched to Ridge Pike at Industrial Way for the reported vehicle accident with entrapment.

Lieutenant 43 arrived on scene to find a 2 vehicle t-bone collision blocking all lanes of the roadway. One patient was found inside a vehicle, not entrapped but suffering from severe injuries to their lower extremities. Battalion 43 along with Rescue 43 and Squad 44 then arrived and after conferring with EMS decided hydraulic tools would be needed to spread the driver's side door past a 90 degree angle to gain better access to and safely remove the patient from the vehicle due to their injuries. With this, Battalion 43 established the Ridge Pike command.

Crews from 43 and 44 placed portable Hurst E-Draulic rescue tools in service off of Squad 44 to gain access to the patient who was turned over to the care of Plymouth Community Ambulance Association - Medic 308 and transported to a local hospital. The Plymouth Township Police Department assisted at the scene with traffic control and the investigation of the crash.

Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway, stations 43 and 44 went available just after 16:30 hours. As always, great team work and a job well done by both Plymouth Township Fire Companies!