Squirt and Ladder 43 Assist Harmonville Fire Co. On Commercial Building Fire
By Watch Desk
June 18, 2023

At 13:52 hours this Father's Day afternoon your Plymouth Fire Company No. 1 (Montco 43) volunteers were dispatched along with the Harmonville Fire Company No.1 to the 500 block of W. Germantown Pike to the Redstone Grill for a reported commercial building fire.

Safety 44 and Captain 43-2 arrived to a 1 story restaurant with smoke showing from the roof. Command was established and the working fire dispatch was requested bringing in mutual aid from Conshohocken Fire Company No.2, Barren Hill Fire Company, Norriton Fire Company, Wissahickon Fire Company, Flourtown Fire Company and George Clay Fire Company.

Squad 44 arrived as the first due engine company finding fire running through the duct system and fire showing on the roof. Utilizing ground ladders the crew stretched the intial hoseline to the roof to knock down the fire. Squirt 43 with a crew of 4 arrived and placed the aerial to the bravo side roof with the members assisting the squad's crew. Ladder 43 also made the response and placed their main to the roof on the delta side to assist the firefighting efforts.

The crew from Engine 55, Conshohocken Fire Company No. 2 placed a second hoseline in service into the interior kitchen and the crews worked simultaneously to knock down all visible fire quickly.

Command placed the fire under control within 30 minutes with no reported injuries. Station 43 was available by 15:00 hours.

Photos courtesy of Plymouth Fire Co. And Two Idiots Buffing

Units: SQUIRT 43, LADDER 43, CAPTAIN 43-2
Mutual Aid: SQUAD 44, TOWER 44, ENGINE 44, ENGINE 55, TOWER 29, RESCUE 7, SQUAD 6, SQUAD 61, QUINT 61